3 years

Wow, that’s an incredible false start! 3 years since I posted on here.. I’ve never flown the trip I’d talked about, I’ve not done a load of other things I planned to do too! I logged in today and found a draft from Feb 2022 with me about to restart this site that hilariously I never posted.. probably best.

So what has happened in those 3 years? I’ll summarise

  • 2021 – no idea really for most of the year, flew with the TwoToneMurphy community and worked on a few development things for them (landing challenges and the TTM Panel)
  • 2022 work as a community manager for TwoToneMurphy carried on and we continued building out the landing challenges and the TTM Panel (now deprecated by much cooler tools (see Flow from //42). Towards the end of the year work and life got manic, flying stopped.
  • Also in 2022 – with the release of the PMDG 737 my journey into airliners began. With the help of some fantastic streams from the likes of TheFlyingFabio and TwoToneMurphy I began to learn and understand how the 737 worked. This all paused though with the manic work life stuff mentioned above.
  • 2023 life and work continued to be hectic and not offer the time I would have liked to dedicate to Flight Simulation or toward the TTM community and I took a step back from the developing and community manager role. Any time I did get to sim was spent almost exclusively in the 737.
  • This brings us to the back end of 2023 and up to now. I’ve got back into a position where I have more time to simulate. Spending more time back with the amazing TTM community and I’ve set myself a challenge. I’ll post more on the challenge in the next update.

So I’m back, hopefully with a bit more drive and a bit more time. You should, if things go to plan see more updates on here soon.

For now though, happy flying.



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