Gnome Across Canada

In 2021 I am flying across Canada in Microsoft Flight Simulator Below is a chronicle of the posts relating to this challenge. Above is a map of the route I will be taking. For more information on the challenge click here

  • A Beginning

    In my younger days, I was lucky enough to be able to fly IRL in a few different aircraft amassing around 100 hours of flight time. I also used Microsoft flight simulator a lot.

    When the IRL opportunities ended I picked up my Flight Sim usage considerably.

    When Microsoft and Asobo released the latest version of Microsoft Flight Sim I was truly blown away with how good it played. It really brought back the love of flight simming that over the years had dwindled.

    So now that I have been using it for a while I decided to set myself a challenge.

    I’m flying across Canada…

    I’ll be doing it in 21 legs, over a number of weeks in a Mooney M20R Ovation.

    The Rules of the challenge are as follows:

    • Each Leg will be flown from “Cold and Dark” parked at the starting airport and ended by parking at the destination and fully shutting down the aircraft.
    • Using SkyDemon I will be following aviation rules including avoiding restricted airspace etc. Radio communication will be as full as possible within the limits of the sim.
    • I may be joined by others during the flight, they will not be subject to the rules of the flight.
    • If there is a CTD during a leg I will respawn based on where I was when the CTD occurred.
    • The majority of the flight will be carried out from within the cockpit, however, for video and screenshot purposes, I am not restricting myself to that.

    After each leg I will be posting a report of the leg and a summary to this site.

    An overview of the map can be seen here along with details of all the post flight reports and other posts relating to this